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Overcome the complexities of a disease outbreak with an experienced logistics provider

Fact Sheet: Total Transportation Management For The Life Sciences Industry

Have you had to rethink your logistics strategy due to the COVID-19 outbreak?

Disease outbreaks can force the most prepared companies to rethink their supply chain, and finding a unique and innovative partner is critical to ensure all products will get to their final destination on time and in full. Thermo Fisher Scientific can simplify the complexity associated with transportation planning and monitoring.

Our Fisher Clinical ServicesSM Total Transportation Management can:

  • Provide expertise in supplier qualification and management with access to over 20 couriers across 120+ countries
  • Navigate through stricter customs and regulations with Importer of Record facilitation in 25+ countries
  • Proactive monitoring, intervention & support via a dedicated team of experts around the globe

Download this fact sheet to learn more.

Download the Fact Sheet